Blockchain Economy for Online Publishers

Joint Ventures is building blockchain applications for leading online publishers. Token sale starts soon. Be among the first to join our whitelist.
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Details of Token Sale

Our aim is to create an economy for online publishers that rewards every participant of the network, including authors, commenters and advertisers alike, and minimize third-party commissions. Joint tokens will be issued upon completion of its launch sale. Hard Cap is fixed at 12.500 ETH.
  • Token Distribution
  • Reward Pool: 500M Joint
  • ICO Investors: 100M Joint
  • Early Adopters: 5M Joint
  • Launch Partners: 5M Joint
  • Joint Team: 5M Joint
  • Marketing & Development: 1M Joint
  • Budget Allocation
  • Product Development: 42%
  • Administration: 12%
  • Marketing & Publisher Acquisition: 28%
  • 3rd Party Services: 13%
  • Contingency: 5%

A fair content economy for all participants

Joint CommentsLearn More

Easy to use commenting solution for modern publishers.

Joint AdExchangeQ2 2019

Fully transparent advertising platform for Joint network.

Joint Content DiscoveryQ3 2019

Traffic acquisition solution for publishers of Joint network.

Joint AffiliatesQ4 2019

Referral based monetization platform for publishers.

The Team

Our team is composed of best talents in the region aiming for developing blockchain based applications for online publishers.


Our advisors has extensive experience in building successful companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Joint tokens represent?

Joints are utility tokens that work on Joint platform apps. They are not securities and there is no suggestion or guarantee that Joint tokens has or will hold a particular value. Joints give no rights in the company.

Is there a cap / limit on token sale?

We are targeting to raise 12.500 ETH with a cap of 100 million tokens for the ICO. Individual investment caps will be announced before the ICO day.

Do you plan a pre-sale before the ICO?

We do not have plans to organize a pre-sale.

What currencies are accepted in the ICO?


What is the price of Joint token in the ICO period?

1 ETH = 8000 JOINT.

Are Joint tokens transferable?

ICO tokens are immediately transferable.

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